New Netflix Releases and Renewals


  Netflix has been rolling out with large numbers of new movies and TV shows this month, as well as renewing popular shows. 

  A new release for anime includes Blue Period, an anime adaption of a well-known manga by Tsubasa Yamaguchi in which the protagonist, Yatora Yaguchi, tries his hand at painting after feeling the need to fulfill the need for something in his life. Violet Evergarden: The Movie was also added, a 2020 film based off the popular series, Violet Evergarden. Komi Can’t Communicate, yet another manga adaption, is also being released later this month.  

  The classic American sitcom, Seinfeld, also came to Netflix this month. Netflix had bought streaming rights for the show for more than $500 million. 

  Another classic coming to Netflix is the movie, Titanic. Considered both an epic romance and a disaster film, this movie has made history for telling a somewhat true story of the horrors of the Titanic. Many are excited to see their favorite film finally being added to the most popular streaming platform. 

  Aside from Titanic, a lot of other classics are being added such as Hairspray, Malcolm X, The Karate Kid, three of the Spy Kids movies and Zodiac. The Baby-Sitters Club season two is being released as well as On My Block season four. You season three has also been added recently. 

  Overall, tons of new shows and movies are being added this October. From classics to brand new series and films, Netflix has worked to release a load of a variety of shows.