How Students Feel About Spirit Dress Up Days

  From the start of the year, the Associated Student Body (ASB)  has been planning fun dress-up days during school to create school spirit and overall a fun community. Dress-up days are not only limited to school days; students can dress up for themes like “Pink Out” at football games.  

  Some students don’t find them enjoyable. Jade Yu (12) said she personally does not find them enjoyable because “half the times the themes are something not accessible in my wardrobe and I’m not a fan of them.”

   Some dress-up days such as “Y2K” may be difficult for most students as they are outfit styles not in current mainstream media. Jade also said it’s difficult to participate as there is a “stigma around dressing up among the youth,” especially from parents who may judge and disagree with students’ outfit decisions.

  Others, on the other hand, do find dress-up days fun. Harshitaa Arunkumar (12) said “dress-up days can be fun depending on the concept! Senior dress-up days are the most fun for me, but other dress-up days like twin day and throwback are also fun!”

  The most fun days for the majority of students seem to be simpler concepts or dress-up days where the concept is a relevant fashion style, such as sweater-related or darker clothes.  

  Another major point of dress-up days is to show school spirit. When asked if dressing up for games is a good way to help the team, Jade Yu stated:  “I don’t think it’s a matter of ‘helping the team,’ it’s just a way of showing school spirit. The things that actually help the team are cheers and attendance.”  While Harshitaa Arunkumar said how “they’re a great way to show school spirit and unite everyone, especially the ones for a cause, like the Pink Out game!”

  In the end, dress-up days are not a mandatory event or procedure students must do. But, it is a nice thing students can spend some time on and participate in. It shows how much students are willing to be prideful for the school.