Volleyball Updates


  Aliso Niguel prides itself on its athletic department and takes all school sports very seriously. Our varsity girls volleyball team stays on top as the boys volleyball team awaits their season. 

  Girls volleyball continues to be a successful, hardworking and inspiring team as they take third place in the San Diego Tournament on Oct. 8 and 9. Varsity player, Danet Whiting, a junior at Aliso Niguel, explains how “it is really exciting playing in front of a lot of people and it makes the games really fun.”

  In the last few weeks, the team has beat our school rivals in a severe game against Dana Hills High School. Classmates and friends cheering from the stands made this an intense, unforgettable win. Kalli Fischer (11) explains how she loves supporting girls volleyball because she “has close friends that play at the games.” She also enjoys “being part of the school spirit that is present at the games.”

  To help support and spread awareness about breast cancer, girls volleyball held their annual “Dig Pink” game against Tesoro for the month of October. Not only was this to support breast cancer, but it was also their last league home game. On Oct. 14, the girls celebrated their back-to-back league win as three-time South Coast league champions.   

  It is no secret that the girls volleyball team at Aliso is one of the best, but the boys volleyball team has some updates as well. They currently aren’t playing, yet are eager and anxious for their upcoming 2021-2022 season. Anthony Diasdado (11) is “excited to get back with my friends and teammates and start a great season.” 

  Until spring, students, teachers and staff can continue to show their support and encouragement to the girls volleyball team as we wait for the boys to show us an amazing season.