Interview with the Senior Class President

Sahar Zahir is Aliso Niguel High Schools Class of 2022 President. She has been a member of ASB for the past four years and was honored to be able to serve her senior class as their president.


What is your role as senior class president?

  Essentially I take care of the senior class as a whole. When it comes to being a class president you are directly responsible for all affairs affiliated with your respective class but the senior class is a bit different. Considering it is our last year students tend to get more excited and involved, allowing  there to be generally more events to plan or organize.


What inspired you to become a part of ASB and run for senior class president?

  I’ve always been interested in leadership but one thing that made me particularly interested in ASB was Clash of Classes. Sophomore year Kyle Jamora had asked me to help with the Clash video and it was genuinely such a fun process. After that I decided to be more involved and after serving as Junior VP I knew I wanted to be more involved with my Senior class.


What are your goals or plans for this school year? Which are you most looking forward to?

  Fortunately enough we are the first senior class back after a pandemic meaning we have the opportunities that two other classes lost. My goal is to make this year one of our best high school experiences all the way to the end when I get to graduate with all of my best friends.


What has been your favorite part of being senior class president so far?

  To be 100% honest my favorite part has been people coming to me when they need help. It’s stressful sometimes but I’m glad my peers know I’m someone they can come to. I want to make this year perfect for everyone so I’m living this year by the standard of no senior left behind.


Is there anything you would like to tell the Class of 2022?

  If any of you ever need anything I’m right here. I’m so proud of everyone and how far we’ve come, live this year to the fullest and don’t let insignificant things take control of your Senior year.