North Korea Threats

Throughout the last few months, international relationships between the United States and South Korea have taken a serious turn for the worse. Although relations have always been a bit shaky, they have increasingly become worse over the last few weeks.

     The main cause of this sudden conflict is that of the beginning militarization and practice of both the U.S army and the South Korean army. Kim Yo-Jong, sister of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-Un has been leading the interviews with the nations stating warning “that they would have to respond to the drills by strengthening their own military, including their nuclear arsenal” if the drills keep occuring.

     The threat of nuclear warfare has never been greater as North Korea has been threatening that its nuclear weapons can affect the U.S. mainland and be dropped in U.S. territory. Areas such as Hawaii, or California could be at risk of nuclear warfare if relations become worse. 

     Nuclear weapons are not the only weapon that North Korea has been testing out, weapons such as new submarines, new missiles, and new hardware have been in development and brought out in military parades.

     With the threat of nuclear warfare, North Korea has been attempting to drive a wedge between the U.S and its political allies according to many theorists. Other ideas stem from a hope of economic and political gain as the threats would stop its enemies from becoming more powerful.

     The major threat could lead the United States to sacrifice major ties with South Korea in order to save the U.S and its homeland instead of focusing on ally relations. Although North Korea has been confirmed to be carrying weapons of mass destruction, there is the possibility that this is a ploy and North Korea would not risk a full on war. 

    Thousands of U.S. soldiers have been stationed in South Korea to practice the annual military drills. Although South Korea is technically at war with the North, war has been calmed down these last few years due to covid. Conversations between Washington D.C and North Korea have been put on pause this last year because of covid and both disagreement between the two. 

     The first few threats from North Korea were sent a few weeks ago and have been calming down recently. Officials theorize that the major threat has subsided and as of now the nation is secure and safe from any major threat.