Hunger Strikes Against Climate Change

  Young adult protestors endured a week-long hunger strike to bring attention to the growing threat of climate change. The protestors were young adults and teenagers who aimed to discuss with the leading three candidates set to replace the current chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel. The candidates refused to give an audience to the protestors.

  After multiple weeks without food, many are weak and are suffering from effects of prolonged hunger. One of the organizers has been hospitalized, but they plan to continue until the candidates agree to a meeting with them. 

  Candidates have expressed their concerns over the protest, but all are still unwilling to meet the activists. Many candidates have requested for the strikes to end, but none agreed to meet until after the elections.

  According to the protestors, none of the parties are taking actions to change the world’s future. According to Hannah Luebbert, one of the organizers, the programs proposed, or in effect, do not take into account scientific evidence and trends of climate change. The protesters have proposed using a citizen body that would act in the interest of both the nation’s and the world’s future, without the pressure to please the people.

  Many fear the future effects of climate change, as floods and droughts are already on the rise. The activists are  risking their lives, in hopes that they can save their future from the impact of climate change.