Bright Season Ahead for Football


  The Aliso Niguel Varsity Football Team is off to a good start with pre-season games. They are 2-0, defeating Huntington Beach and San Gorgonio. Both were big wins to start the season off strong for the Wolverines. The next big game for the football team is a home game on Sep. 3rd against Bellflower. With the fans there to support the Aliso Niguel Varsity Football team in action, there are high hopes for the game.

  The Captains for the 2021-2022 Varsity Football Season are Kurt Chesney (12), Mickey Procsal (12), Jaden Beisel (12), and Chase Christner (12). 

  When asked, what is the main goal for the team this season? Coach Calahan replies with, “Win every game, Win league, have a winning home record, make playoffs,.” 

  He states that his main goal is “to play on Thanksgiving because that means we are in the finals.” With this statement and determination by the coach, the fans are excited for the season. The Wolverines are putting in just as much work everyday to achieve their goal in becoming CIF champions. 

  With sports, the big question is how COVID is affecting the Aliso Niguel Varsity Football team this year. Coach Calahan says, “COVID has affected us, but not as much as last year, the biggest guideline is we don’t have shared water bottles.” He mentions that all the players “bring their own water which they have, but they’re not drinking as much as they normally would, causing a lot of cramping this year”. 

  Despite this adjustment, the boys are looking strong and ready for the 2021-2022 season. The fans should be excited as the Wolverines are showing a lot of heart and dedication to football, showing up in each game they play in. This season should be the best season yet.