Back to School Night

With the beginning of the new 2021-2022 school year comes Back to School night, an event in which parents are able to see their children’s teachers and learn more about their children’s classes. This year Back to School night will be held virtually on Thursday, Sep. 2. 

  “In an effort to provide the safest environment for our staff and families,” says Mrs. Nero, the Activities Director, “CUSD schools will all be hosting their Back To School Nights virtually this year.”

   Similar to last year, Back to School Night will be a virtual event. On Sep. 2, students and parents will be provided a link to the official Back to School Night website through social media, a post on the ANHS homepage, Canvas, and messages through the school administrators. 

   The website will include videos of each teacher’s Back to School night presentation. Parents are able to view the videos in any order. However the website will not be live until the night of Sep. 2. 

    These video presentations will allow “Parents [to] be able to see their children’s teachers [and] find out about class structure and expectations,” states Mrs. Nero, “as well as find out how to best support their students in their classes.”

     Back to School night is an essential event for parents, as it allows them to further understand the education of their children.