Exciting announcements are revealed in the Pep Rally”

 With the new school year in full swing, pep rallies are back, with some minor differences with changes being made to appeal to Covid-19 guidelines. The first rally of the year was filled with thrilling performances and exciting announcements. 

    The senior host for this pep rally was Taylor Anderson, the junior host Emilio Ramirez, the sophomore host Mila Pysz, and the freshman host Finnegan Sullivan. 

   When asked about his favorite part of being a host, Ramirez answered “Hyping up everyone; seeing everyone’s reactions and cheering, that’s all awesome.”

    The ASB commissioner of pep, Amanda Zidron (11) commented, “I am so excited to have our pep rallies back in full force again to represent all the fun activities on our campus.”

    She also added that she enjoys organizing the pep rallies because it allows her to get to know the different groups at our school. 

   The pep rally began with an acknowledgement and a moment of silence for the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The choir followed with singing the national anthem.

       Afterwards, the cheer team demonstrated their talents with a performance that induced lots of support from the audience. The song team followed soon after. Despite technical difficulties causing their music to be cut out, they continued to dance very well, completely on beat. 

    Following these performances, the athletic commissioners announced this fall season’s captains for sports and groups. As they passed by the crowd, the captains performed a small skit that demonstrated their activity. The following are the captains announced during the pep rally:

Football: Kurt Chesney, Chase Christner, Jaden Beisel and Micky Proscal

Boys Water Polo: Tanner Haslinger, Jack Porter and Bryan Lynch

Girls Golf: Ashley Chan and Malia Matsuura

Girls Volleyball: Brooke Pattschull and Kendra Duffey

Song: Alex Lauda and Ashley Henry

Cheer: Amanda Miley and Lily Cook

Dance Team: Alli Harding, Nina Greenbalt and Brynn Johnson

Surf Team: Duncan Carvalho

Girls Tennis: Kei Kato, Sasha Ozerets and Claire Stokes

Boys Cross Country: Brennan Foody, Sankalp Shastri, Evan Abalos, Kaito Cotter and Broder Thompson

Girls Cross Country: Lauren Kelly, Casey Jones

Theatre: managing director Elena Sherrill, artistic director Peyton Holloman

   Following the announcement of the captains, Dance Appreciation (DA) demonstrated their talent with a lively choreography to Childish Gambino’s “IV. Sweatpants”. 

    After DA’s performance, ASB announced the dress up themes for spirit week. Monday will be monochrome, Tuesday is tye dye, Wednesday is denim, followed by band tee Thursday and on Friday everyone will be dressing as their assigned decade. Freshman will wear clothing from the 70s, sophomore will wear 80s, juniors will wear 90s and seniors will be wearing early 2000s style. 

    Near the end of the pep rally, the moment many students had anticipated after casting their votes was the announcement of the homecoming court. 

    The freshman prince and princess are Jarret Sabol and Kaylah Castro, for sophomores, it is Nolan Records and Anna Campos, for juniors Noah Alvandi and Lauren Vu. Finally, for seniors the princes are: Aaron Arsala, Jake Sleeth, Noah Palanjian, Chase Christner and Kyle Jamora. The senior princesses are Rachel Snegg, Kenia Lyle, Danyelle Silberman, Alex Lauda and Lily Cook. 

        Due to Covid-19 guidelines, the rally had been moved outdoors; this permitted both students and performers to be free to not wear their masks, making it feel almost like past pep rallies.