Seniors Reflect on Their Final Year of High School

Sam Eicholtz, Comic Artist

  Had someone told us that we would spend our entire senior year separated, inside of individual pixelated squares, and behind masks over a year ago, we would not have believed it. The Class of 2021 has had a disjointed and somewhat underwhelming senior year; however, a sense of community and smaller gatherings made it more tolerable.

    As the year comes to an end, seniors will have a brief moment to reflect on this year and what it entailed for them. Before they move onto bigger and better things, some will give a pinch of insight and clarity into their senior year experience, and how it differed from previous years. 

    A senior, who asked to remain anonymous and was enrolled in 100 percent online, stated that “the best and worst thing about the senior year was the fact that I was able to stay at home. Not worrying about what clothes I had to wear and waking up a little bit later was very convenient.” 

  They continued, adding that “I have, however, dreamt of a different senior year since I was a kid. Taking long drives down the coast, top-down, and blasting music without a care in the world. But now, that has all changed.”

 In previous years, seniors have had a prom, other  events, and more opportunities to socialize and experience more. However, these changes have been stripped away due to Covid-19 and the pandemic itself. 

 “I am a bit upset that others and myself missed out on moments that past graduating classes got to experience”, commented Maya Gill (12). “However, I was happy we were able to have a dance that resembled a normal prom, which turned out to be a great experience overall.”

  In terms of school life and academics, Gill brought light to the beginning stages of hybrid. She states that, “the transition from online to hybrid was precarious and maldeveloped, in my opinion. The initial fear of being on campus, surrounded by students who may or may not take the precautions seriously, was a concern of mine.” 

  However, hybrid schooling was not a completely negative experience. Gill mentioned that as a hybrid student, “having in-class time with teachers is great, as it is easier to ask questions and interact with the class in-person. My grades have also been better maintained due to hybrid learning.”

  Despite not having a completely normal senior year and missing out on what past years have previously enjoyed, the Class of 2021 made do and “rolled with the punches”. There is no question that this past academic year has been a challenge, but we have persevered through it thus far. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.