Boys and Girls Basketball Jump Into Another Season

Anesh Solanki, Web Manager

Recently, boys and girls basketball has been unable to begin playing due to strict COVID-19 guidelines. Since basketball was in the yellow tier of the California Department of Public and Health (CDPH) tier list of high school sports, they were unable to participate. However, Aliso has been approved to continue every sport, including basketball.

For boys basketball, the team is led by Captains Nick Steiert and Tyler Weaver who look to lead the team to a winning season.

Nick Steiert, a Senior Point Guard, is currently averaging 4.0 points per game, 4.5 assists per game, and 3.8 rebounds per game through six games. 

Steiert’s (12) all-around game has helped the boys varsity team on the court, but he also brings leadership off the court. His leadership has established great chemistry among the team, which allows them to enhance their play style.

Steiert (12) says, “Every person on this team competes defensively and that allows our team to succeed anywhere.”

Star Junior Guard Tyler Weaver is currently averaging 24.8 points per game, 1.5 assists per game, and 7.0 rebounds per game through six games.

Weaver’s (11) score-first mentality has led the Wolverines to a total average of 65.7 points per game, which is greater than the national average. He is confident in the team this season and is ready to compete with all of his teammates.

Weaver (11) says, “I feel that we can win the league this year because we have guys with lots of talent and we play fast and hard. We have a fun team.”

In their most recent game, on Monday, April 12, the Wolverines suffered a loss to Capistrano Valley, 74-62. This has put the boys’ basketball team at a record of 3-3 and they hope to bounce back on Wednesday, April 14 against Trabuco Hills. 

For girls basketball, the team is led by star Senior Guard Sara Eyre, who currently averages 17.0 points per game, 2.8 assists per game, and 5.3 rebounds per game through eight games.

As a girls varsity basketball player since her sophomore year, Eyre’s (12) has important veteran leadership that will have a heavy impact on the girls’ varsity basketball team this season. The girls’ basketball team hopes to maintain their consistent success over the past couple of years. 

Eyre (12) says, “We have great team chemistry and love to compete with each other to prepare us for the games. We build good habits and play with a purpose, which is why I know our team has what it takes to win it all.”

With the team at 4-4 after losing their last game to Fairmont Prep 45-26 on April 10, they hope to rebound from their loss and continue the success that Wolverine basketball has seen in recent years.

Eyre (12) adds, “I feel that our team has improved since recent years in solidifying our fundamentals and playing at a much faster pace.”

However, this season, for both boys and girls basketball at Aliso holds a heavier place in all of the athletes’ hearts. In March, long-time Aliso Niguel Basketball Coach Tom Riach passed away. All players dedicate this season to Coach Riach and his significant impact on Wolverines Basketball. They keep his jersey over the seat he would sit in at all home games and have “CR” patches on warm-up shirts.

Captain Nick Steiert (12) says, “Coach Riach meant a lot to this team and this program and it is only right that we keep his legacy alive.”

Sara Eyre (12) adds, “We are always reminded of the commitment and love he gave to the basketball program at Aliso.”

Although boys and girls basketball have experienced challenges on and off of the court through COVID-19 in the past year, they look forward to successful seasons. With the support of all Wolverines and the impact of Coach Riach, Aliso boys and girls basketball hope to succeed in this unprecedented season.