Upcoming Senior Events

Madison Ross, Staff Writer

  In the following weeks, seniors will be able to experience some of the typical end-of-year activities by following coronavirus safety procedures. One of the main events includes Vegas Night on May 1.

  Hosted in Anaheim’s Phoenix Club, this formal event will include numerous activities, such as karaoke, casino tables, a photo booth, and a hypnotist show. Additionally, there will be music and other games to keep guests entertained. A limited amount of tickets are on sale now for $85, but prices will increase to $95 by Friday, April 16. Vegas Night appears to be a safer substitute for prom as attendees are encouraged to dress up and have fun; however, underclassmen, juniors, and other guests will not be allowed in.

  Brooke Skenes (12) says “I am looking forward to Vegas Night, and I will make the best of it.”

  Measures will be taken at the event to prevent the spread of COVID-19. For instance, all participants will be asked to wear their masks and follow social distancing guidelines. An entirely outdoor venue will help air to circulate and keep the environment germ-free. Regular cleaning and sanitizing will be taking place as well, especially at the casino tables, to ensure all surfaces remain disinfected. Dancing will, unfortunately, be disallowed, but the other activities are sure to fill the night.

  “I am excited for Vegas Night, but I’m not excited about the no dancing part. If it’s just sitting, I’m not sure how fun that will be,” expresses Payton Darm (12).

  Mentions of other senior activities have begun to spread as well. ASB Treasurer Bella Thompson (12) says “There are many senior dress-up days planned, including a day where we all dress in sweatshirts from where we are going to college, so hopefully people will dress up!”

  Senior Awards are scheduled for May 18, but no further information has been received. The planning of a Senior Brunch is also in the works. The brunch will most likely be held on the football field, and the event will accompany cap and gown pickup. As of now, the date for this activity is set for June 2.

  “It’s my last few months at the school, so why not do everything I can,” continues Skenes. 

 With this senior year being different from the rest, most agree that having even a few events is exciting. Katie Springer (12) says “I think we all did what we had to do to stay safe and healthy. As much as I miss a real senior year experience, I’m more thankful that we took the time to handle this correctly.”