The Falcon and The Winter Soldier Review

Cris Pineda, Senior Editor

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is a TV Show on Disney Plus which takes place after the Blip and after the events of Avengers Endgame. It deals with the issue of those who were wiped from society being reintroduced into it and how hard it was for them to be able to live. 

It also has to do with the Falcon (Sam) and the Winter Soldier (Bucky) tracking down this group of people who are an anti-patriot group called the Flag Smashers and believe the world was better during the Blip since they were pushed out of their homes. 

So far the series has come out with four out of the six episodes and in my opinion, the series is very interesting. It takes a very different story from just being a good guy vs a bad guy since it deals with human morality. We see instances where Sam feels sympathetic towards the Flag Smashers leader Karli due to his own family’s struggles of integration after he went through the Blip and wasn’t there for 5 years. 

There is also another morality issue in taking a drug that would allow you to become a super-soldier. Karli, the leader is trying to create more super-soldiers in order to try to help others who are less fortunate than her to survive easier, while others like John Walker who is the new Captain America took the serum as a way to improve his own strength. 

I also really enjoy how Zemo’s character is taking a role in this series because I thought his perspective in Captain American: Civil War was very intriguing. This show is very good at twisting the reality of what is moral and who are the “good guys” and the “bad guys.” Obviously, by the end of episode four, we see the reality of how John Walker is unsatisfied with his own strength and with his own composure. It was hinted at through the show but it was unclear how his morality stood.  

The aspect of strength in the world like the Avengers was always really interesting because a lot of the times most of the Avengers didn’t choose to become Avengers but were more so thrown into the role due to their strengths. While someone like John Walker doesn’t have some sort of supernatural ability but craves what the Avengers have. It also is a lot for him to live up to someone like Captain America and I didn’t like that they’re trying to replace a patriotic figurehead because it seems unnecessary but it is their way of control.

Overall this show is very interesting and, while there is so much fighting and some more generic scenes of CGI superhero fights, I definitely enjoy the morals and judgment-based issues presented in the tv show, which is why I think this show just for itself is well made.