Track and Field Season Has Begun

Like many other athletic activities, track and field has seen delays in their season due to the COVID-19 virus. As Orange County has moved down in tiers, track is being allowed to start their season.

On Tuesday, Mar. 30, both boys and girls track was able to have their first meet following all the COVID guidelines for outdoor athletics. It was a non-league practice meet against the Capistrano Valley High School track team.

The meet took place at Capistrano Valley High School and all members of the track teams were able to participate, with parents allowed to attend while following the social distancing guidelines.

The track team will be having their second meet on Thursday, Apr 15. This is another non-league meet which will take place against San Clemente High School and will be held at San Clemente High School’s track.

While the teams plan to have several more meets throughout April and May, the end of their season seems to be a little up in the air as CIF meets were cancelled earlier in the year. This may lead to their season being cut short, as many other sports have experienced.

However, some spring sports championships have been approved by the CIF Southern Section as of Monday, April 12, and they are hoping to approve more. The second round of approved championships may include both boys and girls track and field, but this is yet to be determined.

This lack of confirmation has created some unpredictability for the 2021 season. Distance runner Casey Jones stated “The season is still a little confusing because CIFs were cancelled but I think it should go to the end of the year if all goes well” (11).

But many runners are still looking forward to the chance to compete. Runner Broder Thompson said “This year I’m trying to treat it and push myself just as I would even without COVID… Overall, track and field seems pretty hopeful and it’s looking like we will have a somewhat normal season this year” (11).

Senior Emily Richards is also hoping for a great season, stating “I am really excited for this year’s season. I have some really big goals and am very hungry to achieve them, especially since the track season was cut so short last year. I am very grateful for every single race we get to have and excited to make more memories with my teammates” (12).