Aliso Hosts a Night of the Arts for Students

Tara Dukes, Head Photographer

   On March 26, Aliso will be hosting a ¨Night of the Arts¨ for students, parents, and teachers to attend. This will be a showcase of all forms of art, from musical to visual to literary, created by students at Aliso. The event will be held virtually, and all are welcomed to attend. 

   Students who wish to participate will first sign up to audition to be a part of the show. Sign-ups had ended on March 12, the deadline for submissions ending just three days later. All performance submissions had a limit of three minutes in order to guarantee time for all students to equally share their art. 

   Next, these videos were received by the organizers and edited together in a video. The video will then be premiered as a usual show would have, had the pandemic not created a unique situation. Additionally, this video will be available to all students, parents, and teachers who wish to view the showcase of Aliso’s talented students. 

  Some students who will be featured in this showcase include Olivia Man Jiang (12), Kiara Hazuma, Vanessa Leon, and Gabriel Velasco. Their unique talents and abilities, ranging from the visual arts, dancing, music, to acts, will be exhibited on March 26 when the video is released.

   The Night of the Arts creates an amazing opportunity for students to share their artistic talents with others, develop new relationships, and possibly catch the eye of someone who may want to reach out to them. This event also allows students to step outside of their comfort zones and celebrate their artwork alongside Aliso staff members and families.

  Though this event may seem like a talent show, it is simply an opportunity for students to show off their artistic abilities and gain confidence as well as connect with others through their art. The artwork and performances will not be judged and there are no “winners.” Overall, this showcase provides students with an amazing opportunity to display their work as well as view the talents of their peers.