What Activities Students Miss the Most from Before Quarantine

Tara Dukes, Head Photographer

  As a result of the shutdown, people all over the world have been forced to give up certain hobbies or activities they had once done without a second thought prior to the spread of the virus. Families and students at Aliso have faced similar challenges, as the first year anniversary of the beginning of quarantine comes to pass, reminding many of life before the virus. 

   This is the first time, in history, that schools have been forced to do online school in order to prevent the spread of a growing virus. Many were unsure of how to deal with the situation, as learning has been difficult during this time. Students, especially seniors, have been gravely affected by the restrictions. 

   ¨I miss going out and actually being able to eat inside the restaurant¨ says Lauren Chou (12).

Due to rapid transmission occurring indoors, as many already know, restaurants have been forced to either create a spaced-out, outdoor seating area, or only do take-out and delivery for customers. Many have often overlooked this important time spent together dining in at restaurants, as friends and family often had used this as an opportunity to catch up and bond with one another.

¨I miss seeing friends, doing sports, walking around campus, and going to parties,¨ says Corey Anderson (11). 

The social aspects that everyone had been used to have been limited by this pandemic, leaving many separated from friends and family, and others missing the contagious energy of parties.

¨I miss getting to hang out in person with my friends and I had to quit my job after the shut down, so I miss getting to go to work¨ says Megan MacRae (12).

With the risk of being around other people, especially strangers who pose an unforeseen threat, many students, such as MacRae, have chosen to limit interactions in order to combat the spread. As a result of quarantine and distancing from friends and family, many students have been unable to participate in these activities, causing many to develop concerns over the mental health issues of others over the shutdown. However, as the vaccines begin to be distributed and cases begin to decline, students will soon be able to, once again, enjoy these moments.