Update on Students’ Mental Health During Online School

Cristopher Pineda, Copy Editor

More than a year has gone by with the use of online school either as a main source of education or a source for some. People’s mental health has shifted since the beginning of quarantine whether it’s for the better or the worse.

A poll done surveying the population of students ended up being generally in favor of students’ mental health worsening. When asked if the online school has helped or worsened their mental health, 21 percent voted that it helped while 79 percent voted that it worsened their mental health. 

The worsening of people’s mental health can be due to not having the same experience with school and not being able to socialize the same with others. A couple of people decided to comment on why they weren’t feeling as well as they did with face-to-face schooling. Jules Soria (12) said that “The curriculum is too dense for us to manage it all at home, and house no longer feels like a place of rest”.

Furthermore, many students miss the social interaction aspect of being in school and seeing their friends. Hayley Chung-Heng (12) even went as far as to say, “Sitting in front of a screen from dawn to dusk is an absolutely vile experience.”

Even though many people have a lot of issues with online school, there are others who see it in a more positive light. Natalya Roe (12) stated, “Online school allows me the flexibility I needed for my schedule.”

While there are both pros and cons to the situation at hand, it is safe to say that most students are not taking this situation very well and are struggling to learn and recall the information that they are being taught virtually.