Girls Water Polo Makes a Comeback

Madison Ross, Staff Writer

  The girls water polo team finally began their season on March 1 after practicing in August of last year. With four games under their belt, the team is slowly building up to a hopeful league win.

  Three of the four games played thus far have been against teams a league above. Two Aliso losses were suffered from those higher-level teams, but each game was only lost by a one-point margin! Two wins were also earned, and one of those successes included Dana Hills.

  Team Captain Alex Brunell (12) says “The team’s morale is honestly at a high right now. We just beat Dana for the first time in years, and I think it was a great confidence boost. I think the team is also just super excited to actually be playing and having a season.”

  In regards to their losses, Team Co-Captain Megan Moorehead (12) continues “I think we kinda have our technique but we haven’t practiced passing or anything with defense. We also haven’t been swimming while people are trying to drown us. So the first games were rough, and unfortunately, those were our hardest games. Like with Tesoro last year, a girl ripped my suit.”

  Last year, the team had been moved to a lower league since they placed last in CIF. The girls return with new vigor and passion, eager to reclaim their place in the higher division.

  The season continues this upcoming week with games on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Unfortunately, the season will come to an end by the last game this week.

  “Even after winning games, we talk about how we should’ve won by more. You don’t really have time to reflect on the positives because you have a game the next day,” says Moorehead concerning the loaded schedule.

  Merely three other teams are in their league this season, including Laguna Hills, Mission Viejo, and Trabuco, so games are sparse. Pandemic restrictions also mean no CIF playoffs this year.

  Initially, the season was set to stay the same: start in winter and play until late February. Although, plans were scrapped once COVID-19 cases spiked in December and the state shut down yet again. Thankfully, lockdown holds were beginning to lift in the new year. By February, the new schedule was set into motion.

  “The best part of this season so far would have to be the games and getting to be hype about something other than just practice. The sport is so fun when we actually get to compete and use our skills to win games,” comments Brunell.

  As for spectators, every player has a slot of two people who are allowed to attend. An admin at the front gate monitors who leaves and enters. The pool deck has a small capacity, so even a two-person limit causes the stands to look packed.

  All in all, the team is glad to be back after their months of hard work. Moorehead adds “A lot of the seniors are just trying to enjoy their last couple of games.”