Johnson & Johnson COVID vaccine gets FDA approved

Hosanna Eyob, Staff Writer

Johnson & Johnson recently got approval for its COVID vaccine by the FDA through a EUA or Emergency Use Authorization. 

The approval of the vaccine required reasonably extensive testing and was observed through a Phase 3 ENSEMBLE study. The vaccine came out to be 85 percent effective in preventing COVID-19 amongst many regions, and was able to reduce COVID-related hospitalizations. 

The company’s Janssen Pharmaceutical branch produced a vaccine to prevent COVID in individuals of the age of 18 and above. The technologies used to develop this one-shot vaccine were the same ones used to manufacture Janssen’s Ebola vaccine alongside those of Zika, RSV, and HIV.

The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Johnson & Johnson, Alex Gorsky, claims in an interview that the goal of the company is “[to] do everything we can to bring this pandemic to an end, in the United States and throughout the world.”

The company also states that it aims to make its one-shot vaccine available for non-profit usage for emergency pandemic use. Johnson & Johnson has already begun shipping out its vaccines and sufficient distribution for widespread usage is supposed to be seen near the end of this March. 

Johnson & Johnson’s plan is to have 100 million of their single-shot vaccines delivered in the first half of 2021 and distributed by the U.S. government by the end of this year. It plans on going international as well, as the American company has already filed for an Emergency Use Listing, also known as a EUL, with the World Health Organization.