AP Testing Information Dates/Info

Taylor Kennedy, Cartoonist

The 2021 exam schedule provides three separate testing dates (Administrations 1, 2, and 3) for each subject from early May and mid-June.


In Administration One, all exams are paper and pencil (subject to change) administered in school. In Administration Two, half of the subjects are paper and pencil (also subject to change), either administered in school, or taken at home. In Administration Three, most subjects are digital, administered in school or taken at home.


Schools make the decisions about which exams are offered and how the students will be taking them. Students will not be able to choose exam dates on their own, according to the College Board. If needed, AP coordinators will be able to assign students to Administration Two and/or Three during the month of March. 


Start Times for AP tests are listed below: 


As always, paper and pencil exams and Chinese and Japanese exams have local start times and can begin up to 1 hour after the official start time (i.e., 8–9 a.m. local time for morning exams, 12–1 p.m. local time for afternoon exams, and 2–3 p.m. local time for Physics C: Electricity and Magnetism).


Digital exams have synchronous start times worldwide, and automatically begin at the same official start time everywhere: 12 p.m. EDT and 4 p.m. EDT. (Exams with Digital Portfolios). 


CollegeBoard mentions that they have made some changes to AP Capstone classes. They claim that “We’ve extended the deadline for final digital submission of AP Art and Design portfolios and AP Computer Science Principles (CSP), AP Seminar, and AP Research performance tasks to Thursday, May 20, 2021, 11:59 p.m. EDT, to support students and teachers impacted by delayed school start dates. The AP Seminar end-of-course exam will be administered during the three administration windows.”