Boys Tennis Is a Tough Match for COVID

Cassidy Lo, Staff Writer

With COVID restrictions in retreat, many sports are now in season. Aliso’s boys varsity tennis team already pulled their first win, 14-4, and have many more matches scheduled.

However, the typical tennis practice has been affected by the pandemic. Practices are now co-ed and team members are required to wear masks when they are not hitting. Overall, members of both the boys and girls team seem to feel safe and comfortable attending practices. They are required to bring some of their own equipment and must have their temperature checked before practice.

Second year member of the varsity team, Kenton Bui (11) said “the atmosphere has changed in the sense that [practices are] less serious and more lighthearted compared to prior seasons.” 

Still, the boys are putting in the work. Each tennis practice consists of a warm up, drills practicing volleys, ground strokes, serves, and sets against fellow team members. 

Although the team did extremely well in their first match, the success did not come without challenges. Team captain Shota Tokatsu (12) stated “making sure [teammates] stay motivated between practices and matches is tough.”

With a decreased importance on the social aspect of the sport, it has been difficult for some team members to remain enthusiastic about playing.

Tokatsu also added “the main goal is just to have fun.” Encouraging his team to do their best and enjoy themselves along the way is the best thing a captain can do in this time of uncertainty. He does his best to motivate his fellow teammates and is confident that the team will continue to do well throughout the season and make Aliso proud.