Advisement for the Next School Year

Jessie Blattner, Staff Writer

The process of registration and advisement for the fall semester has finally begun. Advisement will be beginning in February and continuing throughout the month of March, and there are some necessary steps to complete during this time.

  Beginning February 8 and continuing until Friday, February 19, students are able to enter classes and view teacher recommendations in the Aeries portal. On the school website, you can find the list of available classes for the 2021-2022 school year, and begin determining which classes you are interested in taking in the coming year. There are also instructions for how to input your classes on the school website.

  On February 23, students will begin meeting with their academic advisors one-on-one in order to discuss their classes. These meetings will allow students to ask any questions they may have about their courses for the coming school year and make allowable changes to their selections.

  Juniors will be meeting with their advisors first, then sophomores, and finally freshman until all students have had the opportunity to meet with their academic advisor. These meetings will take place during students’ history classes for juniors and sophomores, and science classes for freshmen.

  It’s important to note that you cannot make any changes to teacher recommendations in the Aeries portal. In advisement, students will be able to make changes with respect to the requirements that exist for certain grade levels.

  Incoming sophomores are required to have six classes, and must take a math, english, science, history, and PE course for the whole year. College prep students will also need to continue their world language or begin one. Sophomores also need to have six classes in order to be eligible for a zero period.

  Incoming juniors and seniors are required to have a minimum of 105 and 160 credits respectively in order to take five periods. They also need to take six classes in order to be eligible for a zero period, and should make sure to take Visual and Performing Arts elective if they are a college prep student.

  Those interested in looking into different elective courses or activities can also find more helpful information on the school website on the guidance home page. There you can find a document which lists all available electives and links to flyers or videos detailing what the class content is like or any requirements for joining the class.

  Students interested in beginning or continuing the iPad Academy must also make sure to fill out the necessary surveys and forms. These forms will need to be turned in by February 21 in order for a student to take iPad classes during the 2021-2022 school year.