Aliso Niguel Students Restaurant Recommendations

Sienna Joseph, Social Media Coordinator

   As COVID-19 limits people’s ability to go out and eat, some restaurants have opened outdoor dining and drive-thrus. Aliso Viejo has a variety of food places that all students should try.     

   While social distancing rules are still in place, outdoor distance dining is still a great way to have fun during this pandemic. 

   Aliso Viejo Town Center is a popular plaza in Aliso Viejo that includes many different fast food options and outdoor dining restaurants.

   “Kanpai Sushi is really good” says Aaliyah Beaton (10). Beaton adds, “The food is really good and the staff is always super nice, I love them.”

      Kanpai Sushi can be found in the Aliso Viejo Town Center and so can many other restaurants that many students love.

   “I really love Inka Mamas, which is an amazing Peruvian restaurant in Town Center” says Claire Stokes (11).

   Inka Mamas is a sit-down restaurant that many people around Aliso Viejo tend to go to because of their distance and variety. Stokes explains, “The customer service is amazing there and I love all of the food, especially the empanadas.”

   Stokes adds, “I also enjoy Plumeria, which is an excellent breakfast place with, again, amazing workers who really get to know you and appreciate you”. 

   Plumeria, a place that only allows outdoor dining for social distance purposes, has a huge variety of both breakfast and lunch items for both the morning and afternoon meal. 

   Students tend to love healthy food as well due to the physical activity that they do in school. So, students need fast-serving healthy food and there are a few in Aliso Viejo to choose from.

   Alaina Ward (11) answers, “Nektar because it’s healthy, all-natural, and is really delicious. They have lots of options and you can customize your bowl and/or smoothie.”

   Many students go to Nektar because they don’t feel as hungry and they need a fast serving alternative to fast-food drive-thrus. 

   Ward continues, “Urban Plates is really good because they also have lots of options, including gluten-free, dairy-free, low-carb, and so on. They have a big menu, a nice atmosphere, and it’s on the cheaper side. Because of outdoor dining they have a cute outdoor patio.”

   Some people are also interested in drive-thrus rather than restaurants due to time limitations. Aliso Viejo has many classics to choose from.

   “Chick-Fil-A is my go-to!” says Beaton.

   Fast food drive-thrus are great options for school lunches due to virtual learning. Students only have so much time to buy food and eat during the assigned lunch times. Thus, drive-thrus are efficient for time and very good according to many Aliso Niguel students.

   Kaitlyn Austin (11) comments, “Definitely Canes because of their sauce and how convenient their location is.”

   Canes and Chick-Fil-A are very similar in terms of their food but are different in options for sauces and menu items. People tend to prefer one over the other but both are recommended by many students because of how fast they serve and how tasty the food is.

   Due to students being  tired of staying in their houses with little variety in their food selection, they can take advantage of the food options  around Aliso Viejo, and these restaurants suggested by Aliso Niguel students are great options!