Upperclassmen Tackle the Workforce

Jordan Brown, Staff Writer

 Aliso students attempt to manage work and social life during the school year, and most of these believe high school students should have a job. Of the 90 upperclassmen polled, around 40% of students voted that they are currently working. 

  Beginning a job during the school year can be daunting; students share similar concerns that they will not have enough hours to complete their daily tasks. 

Kris Salas (12) shares his experience. “At first it was really hard because you start to run out of time to hang out with your friends or do homework, but eventually I worked out my schedule to where I worked a good amount of hours & still kept a social life and good grades.” 

  Other juniors and seniors also explained that they struggled to find a schedule that worked for them, but they found it became a familiar routine as time went on. They reported that they were nervous to add something new to their schedule, but, “It’s not hard to balance once you get a rhythm down” says Savannah Russel (12).

Some students that were interviewed designate specific homework periods, where they complete work distraction-free. Others suggested using tutorial time, free periods, or even the mornings to finish homework. “Sometimes balancing school and work can be hard, but I try to not procrastinate and do a lot of my work during tutorial” explains Claire Stokes (11).

  The students surveyed unanimously agreed that teens aged 16-18 should have a job. “I think it’s beneficial to have a job at our age because it teaches you new skills that school doesn’t teach you. It also opens up new opportunities for your future.” Russel continues.

  Working gives students real-world experience, and it allows them to develop time-management skills. It teaches teens how to save and spend their earned money responsibly.  “I think kids our age should have jobs because it’s good practice and experience for the future!” says Sarai Morris (12).

   The majority of students believe that the skills acquired from their jobs allowed them to feel more prepared for their future as they have mastered the ability to juggle between work, socializing, and keeping up with grades.